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Iíve explored landscape throughout my career. Recently Iíve become interested in the surface and layers of earthís crust. Viewed from satellites, the earthís surface revealed.

During a two year experience of living in the UK I continued to develop my appreciation of mapping, geography, geology, and topography. I spent a lot of time thinking about landscape and our influence on it while in a country where over millennia humans built homes and farmed land, stacking new over old.

My subsequent move to western Pennsylvania with frequent trips back and forth on the turnpike to Washington, DC moved my thoughts from surface topography to what lies below.

During my Pennsylvania turnpike travels I pass between shoulders of ancient rock exposed to the world by man. Rock laid down long ago in layers that have heaved and buckled in places over time. Rock that is sandy brown, gray, maroon, green and multiple other colors. Rock that crumbles and rock that is solid.

My recent work involves layering imagery of the earth. I am exploring the layering of time and geology by layering various plates of color into one print. I start by layering collagraphs which evoke the dry crust of earth or seams of ore. On top of those I print paper lithographs which convey the imagery of rock layers passing over each other which can also be read as clouds or tectonic plates.

Inking the collagraph layers with multiple colors of ink (a la poupee) creates an atmosphere of depth. The flat paper lithograph color printed over them enhances the illusion of depth.

The cracked earth collagraphs are made with flour, water and PVA. This concoction dries and cracks like mud and is then inked as an intaglio plate. The seams of ore are created by gluing parchment paper onto board and inking as an intaglio. The paper lithographs are ink washes on paper with brush or sponge which are photocopied and inked with a brayer.

All my prints are monoprints, one of a kind prints with a repeatable matrix.

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