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Grace Mitchell Selected Works
Grace Mitchell has been painting the marshes and waterways of the lower Hudson River valley for the past twenty years. In the seven years that she has been exhibiting with the Allen Sheppard Gallery, she has become widely known and admired. Her work is found in many corporate and private collections worldwide.

People are often deeply affected by Mitchell’s work. One collector, in a note to the artist, celebrated the painting’s “great meditative power.” Her luminous works are made in many layers of oil paint and glazes. They draw on the tradition of poetic landscape painting from Van Ruisdael to George Inness, while creating a particularly contemporary mood. Clearly, Mitchell’s concern for the degradation of the natural environment and her deeply felt reverence for the places where one can still experience a connection to the earth resonate with others in a way which enriches their lives.

Many of the paintings’ titles are loosely based on lines from Dante’s, The Divine Comedy, and particularly from the Inferno. Mitchell believes that we have, as a civilization, come to the point where we’ve lost our way and are facing a collective crisis of the soul, which can be addressed and explored through art. In a search for beauty and awe, one that artists throughout history have undertaken, we can locate our path once more.

Nor Any Drop to Drink
oil on panel
32" x 46"

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