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Bob Creamer Selected Works
My maturing imagination has allowed me to return to Botanicals as subject. The process is a continuous flow of awakenings and serendipitous understandings while I balance the transitory nature of beauty and the real world. Studiously arranged abstracts with investigative points of view reveal and celebrate the dignity and power of aging and degradation.

I directly participate in the process of life transformation from fresh botanicals to the decomposition of the material. This challenges the traditional view of beauty as new forms and colors emerge with new art potential. I capture my observations as the new beauty is revealed with new digital technology. The color and the dark space around the subject share in importance with the form itself. Exploring my subject through new experimental digital technology allows for a visual interpretation and a new understanding previously unrecorded.

Fairchild Jade
Archival Ink Jet Print
28x20 inches

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